Cricket Lighter

In the year 1961, cricket lighter was launched in the global market and 2015 in Indian Market by Asia Matches. These lighters are safe and are designed in the best possible way.

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About Pioneer Asia Group

Asia Match Private Limited is a part of the Pioneer Asia Group which was founded in the year 1945 by Sri K.A.A.Sankaralingam and Sri K.A.A.Arunachalam. We started off as a small safety match company and today we are India’s 2nd largest match producers with a group turnover of 750 crores.

Who we are

The Pioneer Asia Group was incepted in the year 1945. It was in this year that a safety match company was founded under the same name. It was called Pioneer match works. In the year 1971 the name was changed to Asia Match Company Private Limited. The company has its headquarters in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. Sivakasi is the hub of fireworks and safety matches in India.


In the flint lighter category, we offer flow, fusion, glossy, simplicity and limited edition lighters. The fusion intense lighters have a stylish blend of black and fluorescent colours.


These include regular and mini electronic lighters which are available in five premium colours.


The fire power lighters are a perfect tool to light any fire or candle with safety. It is perfect for interior use. We also offer fire flex lighters. These lighters are modern, stable and refillable. With these lighters it is possible to light unreachable areas.